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Braided Sapphire Netting and Twine


Braided Sapphire Netting and Twine

Sapphire – Designed for speed…Built to Last

Sapphire is our top of the line PE netting. Its superior strength allows downsizing of your twines. Less drag saves fuel.

Sapphire is Stronger, Lighter & Saves Fuel.

Actual Dia (mm) Runnage (Mtrs.) B. Str. (KGF) KBS (KGF) KBL (m)
1.2 820 59 80 48380
1.7 560 80 110 44800
2.1 375 115 161 43125
2.6 260 155 225 40300
3.1 190 220 299 41850
3.5 155 255 350 39525


Net makers can now rely on Sapphire netting while designing nets for demanding application taking advantage of the following features :

  • Manufactured from Specialised Polymers that enhance performance for successful operations in demanding conditions.
  • Distractive combination of Highest Knot Breahing Length & Excellent Abrasion Resistance delivers durability and strength ensuring undiminishing performance of the trawl voyage after voyage.
  • Ideal Twine Geometry results in lower operating costs and excellent abrasion resistance hydrodynamic nets are easier to low, reduce fuel consumption and improve resistance to wear and tear.
  • Braided twine having Compact Construction restricts mud penetration and provides lesser drag.
  • Thermo Stabilized for dimensional uniformity and stability of the meshes.
  • Added reliability on account of product tests at independent test laboratory in Europe and development of the design aided by close interaction with trawl makers.